Another Great Read for Author, Georges Benay

"With the Nomad’s Premonition, Georges Benay offers an excellent companion read to his first book in the Nomad series. His protagonist, Eric Martin, is offered a job that sounds too good to be true. Instead, he’s drawn back to the truth behind a mysterious trader with an uncanny ability to predict the precise times to buy and sell. Once again, Eric suspects the predictive trading algorithm has fallen into the wrong hands.
If Eric was playing Texas Holdem Poker, his story is the equivalent of deciding to go “all in.”
He risks everything to find out who is behind the curtain of deception.
Benay treats his readers to great character development, exciting adventure, and makes use of settings he is obviously on familiar terms with. It also takes a writer who has a personal understanding of the financial world Eric Martin inhabits.
No plot spoiler here, but a solid recommendation to join Benay’s list of readers. Five stars."
Chuck Waldron, Author

Best Thriller I Ever Read

"Fascinating, fast paced and intelligently written, Benay's book takes you on an mysterious journey to interesting parts of the world and keeps you in suspense with a gripping story and enticing characters. A relevant read in today's troubling world."
NK--an avid reader

A Definite Page Turner

"After reading Nomad on the Run I have been waiting anxiously for George's Benay's next novel and I was not disappointed. Nomad's Premonition is an intriguing story of adventure, mystery and corruption, well written in a way that makes it hard to put the book down as each chapter ends. I hope there will be more books to come."
Ann Alimi

A Story Filled with Mystery and Intrigue

"The Nomad's Premonition is a terrific read! Mr. Benay sets up his novel with interesting characters, beautiful and exotic settings, and an original and well thought out plot. Beginning with the first chapter Mr. Benay masterfully leads his reader through a sequence of events, each building upon the next, to reveal a solid story filled with mystery and intrigue. I hope to read more from this terrific new author."
Pamela Zupo


Mihir Shah, Word Whispers
 "Georges Benay's Nomad on the Run is a riveting thriller imbued with one difficult choice after another for the central character. One wrong step and all may be lost, "But when you feel a strong urge to do something, you must follow your heart. Nothing else must stand in your way, no matter what the consequences." An intriguing plotline, vivid descriptions of foreign settings, and stunning character development are just a few of the many positive aspects that Nomad on the Run offers."                                                                                                   

Brittany Walters Bearden,GreatText-pectation
 "Georges Benay's thriller, Nomad on the Run, is a spellbinding page-turner set in the beautiful and exotic country of Morocco...... Greed is said to be one of the seven deadly sins and Benay hits every aspect of it. In Nomad on the Run, Benay's character of Eric Martin keeps readers on the edge of their seats as he tries to unravel this web he has been caught up in."                                                     


Sean Liv, AllBooks Revealed
 "Nomad on the Run is a page-turner from beginning to end..... I doubt this will be the last novel the reading public will see from Georges Benay."                            

Chuck Waldron, author
"Georges Benay has written a world-class novel and will have you reading right up to the final, cryptic message. You will enjoy the trip....a winner right out of the starting gate. He has peopled Nomad on the Run with a wide range of interesting and believable characters, and created a word canvas rich in detail...and when the reader has manoeuvred past the plot twists and reads past the roadblocks in the protagonist's path, the reward will be a story you will remember long after you read the last page." 

Stevan  Jovanovich, author
"You will find a humane hero caught in situations that deliver realistic emotions and thrills aplenty along the way. It’s a great ride with lots of wonderful scenery both internal and external. Nomad on the Run provides a completely engaging read for the thinking reader from beginning to end."                                                

 Darcie Casner Torres

 Brilliant and One-of-a-Kind  

Nomad on the Run is a brilliant first novel from writer Georges Benay. He's created a hero that is not a hero in the classic sense, who stumbles from bad to worse knowing that the consequences could be fatal.

The character development is top notch, and the story line kept me surprised all along the way - a difficult thing to do for an experienced reader such as myself. I could smell the Moroccan air, feel the panic and pain of the main character, as well as the self-doubt.

This book is an international thriller for modern times. The author has spun an eerily believable tale of financial intrigue that rates right up there with the "greats."

Spellbinding Page-Turner


"---a surprisingly powerful piece. Originally, I wondered why it was called Delusion but when the meaning set in, it set in hard." Ryan McKenzie

"--an emotional story that dares to talk with honesty about delicate topics." Cecilia Popescu

" A very well crafted story.---of unequal love, with one partner wishing to express their feelings, and the other holding off, not wanting to hear the proclamation, in some ways feeling guilty.--capture(s) wonderfully the way we spout the lies we know our partner wants to hear, just so the door is open for them to come back." Ken Vaughan

"An interesting psychological piece. Well wriiten and believable." Ted Wolfe